How To Support Us

As of May 31, 2023, IHRT will be closing. For more info on our closure see our May 17 open letter to community. Because we are closing so soon, we encourage people who want to support Indigenous harm reduction to donate money / supplies / time / energy to other grassroots groups, not to us.

Use Resources

We’re working on making our own resources and we’ve shared resources that we have found useful. All the content on this website is for Indigenous people to use freely in support of community wellness and pushing back on shame and stigma. Please do acknowledge the  creator of the resource if you use something.

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We’re not the best at social media but we are there!

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Tell Us

We’d love to hear what you found useful, what confused you, what’s missing, etc.

Tell Others

Share the ideas/resources you found helpful. The more we talk about shame and stigma, the more we break it down and love ourselves and others.